At a Glance

We are an Integrated & Comprehensive Service providing company, having the ways & means to succeed with technical compatibility and financial competitiveness.

We integrate tailor-made bundle of services for Project Developers & EPC Contractors, in every step of their needs, from design concept, feasibility, financing, bid preparation & fully responsive presentation up to winning the bid & successful completion of the project, profitably.

—  A.  Project Development & Integration:

We Provide One-Stop-Solution for Project Development in diversified fields of Civil Construction, Electrical Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Housing & Urban Development, Oil & Gas, Water Supply, Sewerage & Drainage, Waste Treatment & Management etc. We have adapted the most suitable business strategy to provide our partners a state-of-the-art service package towards successful operation. Yangmin has a team of highly skilled & experienced professionals who has proven track record of decades. We fit ourselves in every gap of the project to pave the way for not only winning the contract, but also for successful completion, profitably, with maximum satisfaction of the client.

“We deploy Right Professionals in Right Places in Right Time.”

—  BComprehensive Procurement Agent

We offer complete solution for your purchase requirement, within your budget, fully complying with OEM work, custom labeling, packaging, ensuring quality and conformity to your specification/configuration.  We go ONE STEP beyond to outsource the right products in right price for YOU and arrange On-Time delivery.

—  C.  General Trading

-ICT Products & Consumer Electronics

-Household Products & Home Appliances

-Home Health Care Products & Devices




—  D. Custom Manufacturing;

One-Stop-Service for all your requirement of ICT products, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances from   design concept to arrange customized manufacturing of finished goods and deliver at your door, On-Time, On Budget.

-Laptops, Netbook, Tablet PC, MID

-Accessories: Power Bank-mobile battery pack etc.

-Home Appliances

-Water & Air Purification Systems


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