About Us

YANGMIN WORLD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established in 2007, initially, to respond to the growing demands of boundary less market of ICT World. Subsequent diversification in various fields with a special focus to Project Development in South Asia has earned us a sound reputation in providing a One-Stop-Service towards successful winning & completion of EPC Projects in Power, Oil & Gas, Roads, Highways, Bridges, Housing & Urban Development. Technology has evolved and advanced much faster in last 30 years than ever. Growing demands of technology based  products & services created tremendous opportunities in South Asia,  alluring International Companies to effectively contribute there.

YANGMIN is aligned with local and international partners, reputed manufacturers and service providers to offer a tailor-made comprehensive service package,  fully complying with the very unique requirement of  clients-from small to medium scale  to large Government Corporations. YANGMIN is staffed & managed by highly skilled and experienced personnel, with uncompromising commitment to highest standards of professional services with ethics & integrity to achieve our common goal.